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The AAIC 2016 Warsaw Output

The Output document from the conference is a detailed account of the design principles, the flow of the conference, the ideas and conclusions in each session and many pictures to catch a glimpse inside the event. It also includes the comments participants made about the conference and the feedback we received.
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New Executive Board Profiles


Name: Agnieszka Ciećwierz
Nickname: Aga
Profession/Career: Tour Leader in South America
Who you wanted to become? Tour Leader in South America
What are your professional goals? Help people get rid of cultural stereotypes wherever I go.
What are your AAI goals? Make AAI transparent and relevant for everyone who wishes to join.
What are your personal

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Haruo Kano: Reflections of an Alumnus

AIESEC was my life changing event in the late 60 ‘s traveling abroad was something reserved for the Jet Set and the rich, the first 747 Jumbo Jet was still on the drawing board, actual drawings made by hand not Mac’ s, so for me, the son of a Japanese immigrant who came to Mexico in 1911 it was only an impossible dream to think to go abroad, then I met my local AIESEC UNAM committee and found incredible stories of my schoolmates that

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