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Alumni Talks and General Assembly in Germany

AIESEC Alumni Germany and its local chapters organized two events held in close succession.

AIESEC Alumni in Frankfurt organized their regular alumni talks on the 7th of September and AAG held its general assembly in Hamburg the following weekend. AAG invited PAAI Alexander Tichy to take part in two activities: delivering the keynote

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The AIESEC History Project


So what’s behind this story?!

This question was answered a few months ago when one of the members of the large German Alumni community, Alexander Flieger, decided to do in-depth research on the AIESEC history.

Along with his family, Alexander accepted an invitation from Jean Choplin, one of the founding members of

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AIESEC Alumni Africa

It’s a new ERA for Aiesec Alumni Africa.

Growth and progress are some of the most fundamental characteristics of all living organisms. It is in the same spirit that the time has come to celebrate the coming of age of Aiesec Alumni in Africa.

As is with the African culture, the coming of age

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