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Recent News from The AAI Blog

Going Forward

It is my pleasure to present to you our March Newsletter. We have just returned from Venlo in The Netherlands, where most of AAI’s Executive Board, flew in from all corners of the globe. It was a highly engaging and productive planning session and we’ve prepared a special set of contents for you in this edition of our Newsletter. We chose to have our planning meeting on the same site …Read More

Hall of Fame

Year after year, both AIESEC International and AIESEC Alumni International recognize the work of alumni around the world in their efforts to contribute to a world of peace and realization of humankind’s potential. This distinction was formerly called International Senior Member and renamed Hall of Fame in the nineties, and it focuses on outstanding contributions to both AIESEC as an organization as well as the industry or field of work …Read More

Austria’s 30th Anniversary Cruise

AIESEC Alumni Austria is organizing a weekend cruise from Vienna to Bratislava. The theme is Be The Change, and this will be a celebration of AIESEC Alumni Austria’s 30th anniversary. Save the Date: June 24th-25th , 2017 – 30 years of AAA/Be The Change event on a ship on the river Danube from Vienna to Bratislava. Details:  https://www.aiesecalumni.at/event/hv-danube-cruise-bratislava-preliminary-date/

AIESEC Alumni Austria’s Situation Game: “On the Road with Migrants”

Developed by Caritas France based on real stories. On Saturday the 11th of June, AIESEC Alumni Austria organized a special board game called “On the Road with Migrants” at the Business University of Vienna (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien). Drawing inspirations from real stories, Secours Catholique and Caritas France developed the game aiming to raise awareness and encourage solutions to this global issue. As migrants fleeing war and poverty continue their exodus, impact …Read More

Open Positions – Join the AAI Team!

We have some volunteer positions on our team, and we would love it if you would take the time to think about contributing to AAI for one of these roles. The first argument that often comes to mind is: “I don’t have the time for an AIESEC role,” and we understand that. The fact is that these roles are meant for adults who have busy lives and successful businesses. We …Read More

European Startup Scene

After 12 years building startups in Montreal, Los Angeles, and Palo Alto, I decided to reconnect with my Hungarian roots and learn about the startup scene in Budapest. Last year, I attended the Budapest edition of Startup Safary. It was a two-day event with concurrent sessions happening all over the city; in total, there were 147 events in 50 venues. It was like an AIESEC conference on steroids,  minus the roll-calls. In …Read More

AIESEC at the Viennese Ball

Recently, a group of cheerful student and alumni AIESEC members celebrated an exciting night in one of Vienna’s most beautiful locations, the “Hofburg Wien,” which was the residence of the former emperor of the Austrian Monarchy. Every year, the business faculty of the University of Economics of Vienna, which is Europe’s largest business faculty with 35,000+ students, celebrates a stylish ball night at this venue; this time there were some 4,000+ participants.   AIESEC in Austria, …Read More

AIESEC Alumni International – Vision 2020

AIESEC Alumni International is excited to share with the global alumni community that we are developing a framework that will allow us to define the new Vision 2020 for AAI. For almost five years, we have been striving to achieve the goals of the Transformation Project that was set in 2013. From 2014 onwards, certain strategic goals and objectives were set, and we’re satisfied to say that we’ve come a …Read More

50th Anniversary of AIESEC in Czechoslovakia – Slovak Edition

During the first weekend of last December, Slovak students, AIESEC, and alumni were celebrating AIESEC’s 50th anniversary with a glamorous gala night in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bratislava. Local committees and various generations of AIESECers were welcomed as well as some international guests. The following also made an appearance: Jean Choplin (co-founder of AIESEC) with his wife Catherine, Miloš Motoška (founder of AIESEC Czech Republic), Peter Mandl (President AIESEC Alumni Europe), …Read More