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AIESEC Alumni Africa

It’s a new ERA for Aiesec Alumni Africa. Growth and progress are some of the most fundamental characteristics of all living organisms. It is in the same spirit that the time has come to celebrate the coming of age of Aiesec Alumni in Africa. As is with the African culture, the coming of age is a significant milestone in the life of a person and the community at large. It …Read More

Letter from the President, Post AAIC Edition

It’s with great pleasure that I share with you another update on our global activities. In this edition, we want to illustrate what has happened during the recent weeks with a review of AAIC and as well as concrete activities that have been undertaken since. Before continuing with our in-depth reporting, we want to invite you to support us by becoming an official member in our Call for Membership article. …Read More

Letter from the President – July 2017

It is my pleasure to present to you our July Newsletter. In this edition, we will present the Global Startup Awards, the largest independent startup competition. We’ll also report on some recent events: The biannual gathering of GAMMA, a group of former MCPs and AAIs (1997-99), who recently met for a productive week in Lithuania. The Asia-Pacific RAC in Hong Kong that took place over the last weekend of June. AIESEC …Read More

Global Startup Awards

Change is the only constant. Smart companies and individuals all over the world are embracing this concept. Even large corporations realize that if they are to survive the next waves of disruption, they must include innovation into their DNA. The startups, however, are the engines that push the boundaries of what we think is possible and redefine industries. After spending over 12 years in building four startups in Montreal, Los …Read More

AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific Conference Recap

The AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific Conference (aka AAAPC) was held on June 23rd to 25th. About 100 delegates from 14 countries attended the conference and celebrated the 50th Anniversary of AIESEC in Hong Kong.  The delegates, throughout the conference, shared their ideas & thoughts on AAI’s Vision 2020 framework, with alumni engagement, understanding what drives and motivates the major two stakeholders and how to build a sustainable Business Model. The delegates came together, and a …Read More

Gamma Gathering 2017 Recap

GAMMA is the acronym for Global Alumni Meet for MCPs and AIs from 1997-1999. It serves as a platform for MCPs, AIs, and others who were present at IPM 98, IC 98, and IPM 99 to network, share ideas and resources, and have fun. Reunions are held every two years. So far, GAMMA has met in the following locations: Tioman, Malaysia (2001);: Lithuania (2003); Lisboa, Portugal (2005); Miami, USA (2007); Lisboa, Portugal (2013); Playa del Carmen, …Read More

AIESEC Alumni Austria Celebrates 30 years

On June 25, 2017, over 80 alumni embarked on a beautiful boat cruise to Bratislava, where, inspired by “be the change” presentations, they reconnected with old friends and met members of other generations! In addition to alumni from all over Europe–Peter Mandl as President of AAE, Alex Tichy as PAAI, and, of course, the host, Dieter Langenecker as P-AAA–we welcomed an exceptional guest for this special occasion: Jean Choplin, founder …Read More

Letter from the President, June Edition

It’s my pleasure to present the June newsletter with our most recent updates. You’ll find an alumnus profile as well a recap of the Austria Midlife Crisis Seminar and the European Regional Alumni Congress (ERAC) that were both held recently. We are also very much looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming AAIC in Cartagena, Colombia. If you are still on the fence, register now. It’ll be an amazing …Read More

Alumni Profile: Teofil Shikov

Teofil Shikov was born in Bulgaria, and ever since he joined AIESEC, he has considered himself a global citizen. When he first heard about AIESEC and wanted to join the organization, he was only 16. Since he wasn’t a university student, he had to wait three more years before finally becoming a member. In the organization, he saw two paths: the conventional route (LCVP, LCP, MCVP, MCP, abroad, AI, etc.) and …Read More

European Regional Alumni Conference in Roccamare Recap

Just a few weeks ago, some 160 passionate AIESEC alumni came together in the beautiful Roccamare Resort, located on the breathtaking coast of Tuscany. With the outstanding support of general hotel manager, Attilio Di Scala, an AIESEC Alumnus, it was possible for Toto Lombardo, Beatrice Pesci, and their team to organize an outstanding four-day conference. (See picture below) Peter Mandl, now recently re-elected President of AAE, along with his team, created an …Read More